OBERON & Skallywagz


 Reg. CBCA and CKC



2005 - PRESENT

Wexy, it seems you just came into my life not so long ago that night in the back of the Trailblazer.

It was your mom’s first litter and she seemed to be having problems. It was Thanksgiving, and the only vet we could find within driving distance was Wexford RD Vet clinic in Brampton. So off we went to the vet hoping everything was going to be alright.

About three quarters of the way there a puppy appeared, you Wexy, So we spun around and sped back home arriving just in time to get Bryna in the pen and another baby appeared….Whew..

Well little did we know Wexy, that you would do something similar to this to us with every litter you had.

And here it is 7 years later. WOW.

Wexy, you were fortunate to live with you mom for most of your seven years. That kept you puppy like much longer, if not still.

You were a shy pup Wex, always hanging back and studying, And the first time I put a collar and leash on you well, that was an experience. It took a little time and dragging but we figured it out huh Wex. There is not too much more to say about you growing up other than that you were always happy, and fit in well with the pack.

Once Sexy Wexy became a woman and started breeding we saw a whole other side to you. You never missed having puppies when bred, and your puppies were the cutest fluff balls.

Delivery was something else. Just as you were late coming out of your mom, you deliveries could stretch out over a couple of days, with long gaps between pups. Not much sleep for the puppy delivery assistants for any of you deliveries. But you always had healthy babies, and were a wonderful mom.

You were always a soft-hearted girl Wex, and you did like to bark prompting the nickname Wooford.

As the Older dogs retired to family life suddenly Wex you were the oldest, You took a crack at being pack leader, but soon realised that required some aggression and that wasn’t you.

Wex, we put you on the adoption page quite a while ago. There were a few close calls but nothing happened. Then one day I received a phone call from a woman who golf’s at the golf course one of your daughters (Chase) works at. Everyone loves her at the course, and we have had numerous inquiries as a result. She was looking for a mature dog to spend time with them at their beautiful home and property.

We decided to go slow, and I would bring you for 1 hour trips for several days, then longer, then leave you for an afternoon. Well things worked out and you now have the run of the property, and pond (you love swimming), and you probably have your new owners trained also.

Thanks Wexy for being a wonderful companion and breeder. We’ve kept your son Flash, so part of you will still be producing wonderful babies!