OBERON & Skallywagz


 Reg. CBCA and CKC



Caddie, what a sweet, beautiful girl you were. I lost you much too soon. Iíll never forget seeing you that day in the run.  My life almost stopped when I saw you there, I was overwhelmed with grief it was truly one of the lowest point in my life.

Caddie you were my star, your pups were truly beautiful. My future for the kennel was going to be built around you. Your look was perfect, and your temperament was great. You were an amazing athlete, and a true herder.

Caddie you were exactly what I was looking for when I found you, I was so happy to get you. You were such a pretty pup with very distinctive eyes.

Probably the  funniest story I can tell about you Caddie Is the time we took all of the dogs to the creek for a swim. A few of the dogs ran and jumped straight in, you had never seen water like that before and knowing no better you jumped in with them. You panicked as soon as you hit the water and kept swimming to the other side. Once there you wanted to get back to the other side with us, but were afraid to jump in. Caddie, I had never seen a Border afraid of water before heh heh. No amount of coaxing could get you to jump in and swim across to us, and you sure had a funny look on your face. Finally we pretended to walk away and leave you, and you finally jumped in and swam across.

Caddie, I sure wish you were here with us and the other dogs as we start a new chapter in our lives, there is a big hole where you used to be in my pack of crazy Border Collies.

Bye Sweet Girl




Run fast and herd well my pretty girl.