Babe (Boo Boo, Ba Boo, Babby), In 18 years I am sure we had other nicknames for you but those come to mind. We kinda stopped using them once you went deaf a few years ago and we went to sign language, and you picked that up beautifully.

Babe what a wonderful companion and friend you were for 18 years. In all that time I would be hard pressed to remember a time when you were not a happy little girl.

Well I guess there was that one time when we were sitting on the front lawn and you were a puppy, a Dachshund ran across from the neighbours. You ran out all happy to meet it and it beat the crap out of you before we could get there. I could see in your face that you were traumatized by that. We never really gave it much of a thought after, but almost a year to the day we were out again on the front lawn and that same dog ran across to our property. You were on it in a flash, and being a year older you gave it back to it. I guess doggies never forget that stuff huh.

Babe you were a “pound” doggie. We went looking for a dog and came across you, but a woman had already picked you…we thought. As we continued to look at other dogs we could hear her scolding her 10 year old, that they were going to do all the work in taking care of you. This went on for 10-15 minutes, I remember us thinking, that poor puppy what kind of a home is it going to have. Well she finally decided to buy you and left so we continued to look around. Within 10 minutes she was back demanding her money back because she was afraid her kid wouldn’t take care of you. You were no sooner back in your cage and we snapped you up. Lucky for us and you too I think Babe.

Once home you blended in with the 5 cats pretty well. You were so small you could walk under the big Orange tabby Max. We did learn that you probably shouldn’t leave a puppy alone when gone to work with free run of the house. One day we came home from work to find the entire bottom of our brand new couch ripped and eaten. For a wee puppy you did a lot of damage.

Several weeks went by, and then something went very wrong, you got sick…very sick. We gave it a couple of days and then took you into the vet. He said another day and it may have been too late. I can’t remember what the illness was, but they kept you for a week on an I.V. and some drugs. By the end of the week they thought you were out of trouble and could come home. Because your tummy still wasn’t right, they gave us this kind of meat spread and honey to feed you until you got stronger and could eat regular dog food. You sure milked that for all it was worth huh Boo Boo. Between that and finely cut up steak, chicken, and pork chops you were eating real fine!

Anyway, you recovered and the next time a vet had to see you for health reasons was this week when we had to stop your suffering Babe. In 18 years that’s a pretty good record Baboo.

Your nose was a little out of joint when 2 years later we brought Ginger home to be a companion for you. You said ya right, why do I need a pushy neurotic companion. You two had you spats in 16 years but got along pretty well too, sometimes you two were inseparable. Ginny does miss you Babe.

We did almost lose you 3 or so years ago, you were out “snooting around” as you loved to do. You were just about deaf by then and you had wandered into the fenced field where the horses were. Head down you never saw or heard big Benny charging at you. He just missed stomping on you, got you with a glancing blow and you took off running with Ben in hot pursuit. Whether it was luck or brains Babe you turned sharp right and under the fence just as Benny was about to get you. He got you pretty good anyway but you were fine after a couple of days. It did take a week of so before you would go outside again on your own (we had to kick your but out) and when you did, each time you went through the door you were looking for that big black S.O.B. that stomped you.

Babe you loved people and always put on a real show prancing and doing your “ roo roo roo”….what a show off you were.

Babe, you were a constant in my life; several relationships, several houses, several jobs, many friends, came and went. But you were always there Babe. There were times through all of that I needed you and your sister Ginny far more than you guy’s needed me. Thanks for that! I made sure I took you guys every where with me. And I worried constantly about, especially as you got older. You especially loved the Pontiac for going for drives. You could stand on the door arm rest and stick your head out the window. You were one of the two bookends in that car Ginny in one side and yu on the other.

Babe, you could fit in anywhere, with your non aggressive just mater of fact I’m here give me a little room please style. Being with or hanging out with other dogs wasn’t your thing, you were quite content to just wander around on your own with your nose to the ground.

 Babe, you had a long good life. You grew old gracefully and with all your wits about you until the last month or so. I sure hope I can do the same. Your red face with the black mascara turned white, your legs got weak, you went deaf, and your eyes all but left you, but your positive attitude and will to live overcame it all. You were inspiring, we could all learn from you.

Babe, thanks for being my happy little girl, always looking for her dad. There is a big hole under my desk these days, and no happy little girl running to me when I get home. I sure miss you!

Babe, you can snoot to your hearts content now. Your back and legs don’t hurt, and your eyes and ears are back to perfect. Your beside Peggy and Stella who we lost as well recently, and Ginny will be back there with you guy’s too when it’s her time.

Bye Babe, you made all of our lives better.