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ABOUT US ( as seen on CMT's PICK a PUPPY)

Dogs are a huge part of our life. We plan all our activities around their well being and happiness.


We run the dogs every day, (or is it they run us??) and also take time with all of them on an individual basis.

I've got your back Dix!

Ok; huddle up! Stay in your lanes....Shaka, you have the left flank, Cassie, you have the right, Bella, your with me...you others are the rovers......on 1...WOOOF!

My daddy's so big and strong!

look deeeep into my eyes...........


I was not chewing the shoe dad....I was guarding it!!!!! Better go the other way, your not getting by me!!! Borders see things others can't Dixie the lawn ornament  :)


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