OBERON & Skallywagz


 Reg. CBCA and CKC







Tuana was with us for 8 years and now has moved on to the next stage of her life with a wonderful family on a sheep farm.

Tuana, you were our DOOZIE. And yes you were a doozie of a girl. Fiesty, athletic, tough as nails, leader of the pack, amazing with people and kids. Dooz you did nothing half way. And everything you did was the Doozie way.

Doozie you were the runt of the litter, and like many runts you developed a strong independent character. Independent and bossy with dogs, but loving, warm, and affectionate with people. All people, all sizes.

Dooz your stare could make a terrorist turn away. Your intensity and tenacity are hard to explain. But that look was for other dogs only. With people you have the sweetest kindest look a doggie can have. Especially with kids.

Dooz when you were younger you would do one of the weirdest things I have ever seen a dog do. You loved thunder storms, you would stand out side the kennel with rain pounding down waiting for a lightning bolt. Once you saw the bolt you would crouch and wait for the thunder clap and then chase it. Yes, truly only a Doozie would do that. It was almost like you were trying to chase the storm away.

Another story about you Dooz is from the first time you were to be bred. Kito wasn’t quite old enough so we used a male from the breeder we got Bryna from. Although we did try to warn the breeder that you were a little feisty, and may not want her males near you she replied no worries, he is a very experienced male and will not have any problems.  Two days passed and we got a call from the breeder asking us to come and get our ``black window`` before she turned her male gay.

Speaking of lightning, when you were younger Dooz you were lightning fast. Arthritis in your spine slowed you down, but only a little. Even after you slowed down some, the other dogs didn’t dare run past you as you all were tearing around the property. Doozie leads, end of discussion!!

Your best friend, and antagonist was Bryna. You two were inseparable. You didn’t always get along because you were both strong minded, but you were never far apart as well. Bryna is with a nice family now as well Dooz, and with another Border that looks a lot like you! Bry lives a half hour from you Dooz, so maybe some day your paths will cross!

Dooz your pups were so strikingly distinctive. We kept your boy Shaka to carry on that trait in our breeding. And you were a prolific breeder, Kito never got a minutes rest  J…He never complained though.

I could go on and on and on about you Dooz…….but that’s it for now.

We miss you Tuana!