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Ben's still making us laugh with his antics on a daily basis. He loves to ride in the van with me at every opportunity and looks forward to accompanying Erin to school every day. He's got such a routine for playtime and he's been given new rope toys on his birthday and again for Christmas. (Erin picked them out with me and both of them are a huge hit with Benny.) Erin's been playing a game with him that she calls "Boing" because she bounces a tennis ball infront of him and Ben tries to catch it before it hits the ground. He also loves to try to play with 2 or 3 balls at once, as Erin fires them down the long hallway! It's hilarious to watch him try to figure out how to return with 2 tennis balls! Ben's attention to playing is better indoors than out, since there are so many distractions once outside! But he's eager to play just about anytime, as you'd be sure to know!
Well, that's about it for now. Just wanted you to know that he's doing just fine and although he's a bit quirky about some things, his sweet, loving nature wins us over every time



Just wanted to say hi and send a little updated photo of our Bailey.  She’s doing well in her training, graduates this week of her third training class.  Has one more pre requisite and she’ll be entered into her level 1 Agility. J  The trainers love her temperament, she’s always wiggling her bum to greet every dog/human she meets!

 We want to see if you would be up for a visit this summer and we can bring Bailey up to play with her parents and the other borders.  Just have to plan it when you don’t have any pups up there (Tory’s already wanting another one haha).  I think we need to have Bailey fully into Agility before we’ll go there.

 Well talk to you soon, hope you both had a wonderful holiday!!


Hi Dave and Lynne,
Just wanted to give you another update on Fletch.  I still can't believe he is already over 1 year old!
We aced our obedience class  - Fletch was first in his class :)  I am always amazed at how agile and fast Fletch is, so I'm sure he will be a superstar.  
We just went to the vet on Tuesday and Fletch is now just over 36 lbs - I wasn't sure how big his parents were, but I didn't think much bigger than this. 
I have attached a couple photos of Fletch on one of our hikes - he loves to play fetch and will rustle up a stick everywhere we go!
I have Fletch at work with me today and he is napping curled up in my office - everyone here really loves him so he gets a bit spoiled when he comes in to visit.
Thanks again for Fletch - he is lovely and perfect!


We wanted to send you an email, just to let you know that Buddy is doing wonderful!! We just adore him. He really completes our family!

He loves his hikes, and we believe he may be part fish! We cant keep him out of the water. He loves to play fetch as well. He could go all day, if we let him. Buddy is one of the most intelligent animals I have ever had. He listens well to everyone, including our 2 year daughter Emily. What impresses me most is: whatever is going on, Buddy just goes right along with it. Even when that means having a lazy day and sitting around doing nothing.  He is perfectly happy just being with us. What more could we ask for in a canine companion! I just love him to death.
Thank you so much for helping us complete our family. You truly do raise some wonderful animals! 


Hi Dave,
Socks is doing very well. He recently got his first haircut and was very self-conscious for about a week. He's the happiest dog in the world. He's very intelligent and we're quite sure he considers himself a person. He's been a wonderful addition to our lives. Thank you!


He's great, loves to work, I had him running in the field last Saturday, and he just won't quit. extremely smart follows commands perfectly.


Thank you for sending Meika's papers and the CD.  It was wonderful seeing pictures of her when she was small.
She has turned out to be a wonderful dog.  She is very smart and well behaved.  We have spoiled her!!


He is doing very well!  I walk him 2 times a day and right now he really enjoys his walks because when we get to the parks he leaps through the air after the snow that I kick up!  I really don't know what I would do without him!  I have been bad and letting him sleep on our bed at night when Eric working the afternoon shift so in the morning I wake up feeling cramped cause he's a bed hog!  He's such a great temperament, we love him so much!

CLOVER is doing really well, full of energy and getting along fantastic with our other dog and cat who she just adores. Never seen a dog so happy to see a cat.


Thought you would like this picture of Kazi.  She so loved going to PEI.. She would jump those bails of hay constantly.  Her and I would run the beach in the mornings, and she would run thru the ocean waves having a blast chasing the seagulls. 


Blaze is doing great we love him to death and so do my customers, friends and co workers.  Many people have complimented us for having such a great dog.  I have had many people ask me about where I got him and I have given your phone number



I thought I would send you a quick note about Buddy. He is adjusting very well to his new home. By Monday morning he was already scratching at the back door to do his business. We were very impressed!  He has the 'sit' command down pat.

He is a wonderful little guy and we are so happy to have him!


Hi Dave
Puppy is doing good we have named her Meika.  We have fallen in love with her, she is a keeper.  She had her first vet appointment last week and got her second needle and weighs 13 lbs.  Meika is very happy and loves to play and run she has made a friend Snickers a Shelties who is the same age.  I'll send you pictures real soon.


Dave - Just to let you know Skye is adjusting perfectly - she and Dakota are best friends already - we couldn't be happier.
The 2 of them tire one another out by nite time and Skye has met alot of new neighbourhood dog friends through the fence already - its just perfect!
Hopefully you'll come visit Dakota and Skye soon!!


Hi Dave,

Memphis is doing well. he just had his 5 month birthday last week. He gets smarter every day.

We love having him in our family. Everyday, we take him to the park for his run and play.

He is so well behaved. Most of the time.

Here are some more pictures of Finn taken on my birthday.  On one of our walks Finn & I met another Border Collie owner who told us to take him to Molson Park.  So we have been going there since Saturday and he has so much fun!  He has met and played with lots of other dogs and is doing really good.  He is a bit timid at first but when he finds out that they are not going to eat him he has a good time playing.  He likes to be chased by other dogs but not if they are faster then him cause then he lays down and gets run over!  I may be a bit biased but out of the several new border collies that we have met...Finn is by far the most handsome dog out there!  (Thanks Dave!!!)



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