OBERON & Skallywagz


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Roxy was born the summer of 2010. She was 1 of 4 pups in Dixie's first litter.

She left us to go to a sheep/cattle farm close by to us. All seemed well and a perfect life for an active Border. The Roxy saga does not end here however.


Roxy ended up being left alone for much of the time, and lived primarily in the barn. Receiving little or no  early training and interaction that a pup so badly needs. After about 6 months we received a call that Roxy was not working out.


We went to see her and took her back with us right away.


We cleaned her up, and started in with the training, socialising, and FEEDING.


It took Roxy a couple of days to learn that she could trust us. After which she "latched" on to us was a constant companion.


Roxy's sweet infectious character and personality won us over immediately.


She took to grooming quite well. The collar and leash, well let's say that is still a work in progress huh Rox.


Rox you fit into the pack immediately and found you place. You loved running with Shaka, although he did take exception to you passing him.


A couple of months passed and we thought we had found the perfect owners for you. They had a 2 year old Border which came from us, and were looking for another. You went off for a trial stay with them with high hopes. They both loved you, but the existing doggie did not. And there were issues.


So back you came to us again Rox. We didn't mind, you were a joy to have around.


A few weeks passed, and a family that had met you when they came to pick their own Border and loved you then, but they were told you were leaving that same day for your trail  with your new owners. These same people came back to visit their pup, and in passing mentioned how much they loved you Rox. As luck would have it, you had just come back to us.


And now Rox you have a new home, with a half brother and wonderful people who understand you and the quirks you acquired from your early life experiences.


Thank you Rox for coming back into our lives twice.


Live a long and happy life sweet girl.