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1988 - 2004

Lacey  (Lacey-Lulu / Licky Lacey)

 The week-long stay that was planned for my lovely Lacey, turned out to be nine years!  She came to stay with us while her aged owner was in hospital.  Our first night together was eventful, and I quickly discovered how afraid she was of thunderstorms.  And so did the kitchen floor!  Less than a minute of thunder and lightning, scratched lino – and  the rest of the night was spent in bed with me J 

I didn’t know what a Beardie was before then ….. and she certainly didn’t look like the classic beardie: her hair was shaved down to her skin, (as the owner suffered from bad allergies):  she was a little overweight, (as the owner could not walk well, due to aging). 

Her life certainly changed, for the better, when she came to stay! 

And so did mine!

 Immediately she found her place in the household, and became ‘top dog’ over our little 4 legged guy Brunie, he just turned one year old at that time.  Brunie just loved her!  They would run together along the bridle path on our walks.  One would stop and sniff – the other would stop and sniff too.  In summer they would play hide ‘n seek in the wheat field – taking turns to bounce up and down to see where the other one was when the wheat was high. 

Life was one long doggy heaven. 

Her hair grew longer, she lost some weight, and was a picture of health, with a big waggy tail!

She earned the nickname Licky Lacey cos she was so friendly.  She would approach, and out would come the tongue, ready to give you a big lick as she says “Hello”. 

She loved a cuddle on the couch!  Wherever you were, she would be there – a little shadow of joy.  Loyal. Loving.  Playful.  Bouncy.  A typical Beardie indeed!

When we ventured on our  long journey to Canada, in the belly of a big metal ‘beast’ – it seemed like forever.  ‘Cargo’ Collection point at Pearson Airport was the BEST place in the world when we finally arrived.  I went to collect my precious cargo.  As soon as she was out of the crate, she had the longest pee ever ! – and we sat on the grass at 2am eating the BEST bag of Maltesers we ever had!  (She had acquired a taste for them in her earlier years with the aging owner)

(I like em too, so we shared  J

Quickly settling in to her new Canadian life, she became a star with friends and relatives.  One friend - who was previously afraid of dogs – after spending one afternoon with Lacey, went out and bought herself a little dog just weeks later.  She loved her so much.  Her fear had gone!

Lacey’s friendly, calm and contented personality wowed everyone she met.

 Lacey’s health deteriorated around the age of fifteen and a half – a grand old age.  And, like other doggy lovers, I tried to live in denial, and clung on to hope.  Hope that she would get better, be able to hear again, that the cataracts would heal - but alas it did not happen. 

My very understanding, and compassionate vet helped  ease me into the inevitable, over time, with various drugs and  wise words. 

Our final night together was, yes you guessed right – sharing a BIG bag of Maltesers! 

She ate hers much easier than I ate mine!  S

he knew something was not quite right, but it didn’t spoil her enjoyment J

 Every four legged friend brings so much joy, love and happiness to their owners.

Lacey was no exception.  Not a day goes by that she is not thought about; a silent tear, a tiny smile, and a whole bundle of happy memories. 

Love you forever Lacey. 

We’ll go on another one of our bouncy walks when we meet by the rainbow bridge.