OBERON & Skallywagz


 Reg. CBCA and CKC


 Reg. CBCA and CKC



2004 - PRESENT

Keets, what a wonderful boy you were for us.  Wonderful with people, both adults and kids, and all dogs.

Keets I have had many many dogs, and I have loved all of them and they were all good doggies, but Keets you were the best

You love the Frisbee or the Ball, or the Kong, any thing that can be thrown and retrieved. You would tire me out throwing it. I'm told you are doing the same with your new family

You were a quiet pack leader, never over the top, always in control yet never having work at it. The pack clearly respected you Keets.

You could be a bit of a bully with the other males when one of the female was in heat, couldn’t you mister. But what a wonderful breeding stud you were. Your timing and manners were impeccable, your nose was literally a “heat seeking missile”. Your patience, and approach to it was amazing to watch. Never forcing the issue, your “how you doing” approach worked every time. You would run up to the female in heat, have some kind of doggie communication, and then off you would go if the time wasn’t right.

 You love the car, Georgian Bay was a wonder to you, you are a true “go dog”, up for anything we wanted to do.

Keet’s it tore my heart out to let you go, but it was time. You son Shaka proved he was a “chip off the old block” so it was time for you to leave the crazy kennel life and be with people who could give you more one on one attention.

You are living with one of your daughters now, and with people who take both of you almost everywhere they go.

Thanks Keets for being my wonderful happy boy!