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DOB 14/02/04

Bryna was with us for 7 years and now has moved on to the next stage of her life with a wonderful family and another Border Collie.

Bryna, Bry, or Bry, Bry, we will remember you for ever as our precious “Old Soul” girl

From the time you came into our lives we knew you were special. You were so in tune and even intuitive to what was going on around you. You blended in with all the dogs well, and they all liked you.

You particularly focused on Tuana, as did she you. The two of you never took your eyes off of each other. I’m sure in each of your minds one was herding and controlling the other. The two of you had your spats but were also practically inseparable. Tuana does miss you Bry Bry.

We never had to look for you Bry, you were always right there and always checking in with us. We also never had to call or speak to you more that once Bry. You were so attentive and wanting to please and do the right thing. Well most time anyway huh Bry.

There was that time you came across mom’s very expensive Italian shoes. Apparently they were quite tasty huh Bry. I think your daughter Wexy got blamed for a few other similar events over the years too Bry.

When you were younger Bry, you could run like the wind. Tuana and you would race around the yard like whirling dervishes. Tuana was quick and more agile, but for flat out speed there was no comparison. The two of you would run and herd each other for hours.

Bry one of the hardest things we have had to do was to decide to find you a home once you were retired from breeding.  As difficult as that decision was, we knew it would be best for you to have a home where the attention wasn’t spread between all the Ruff Raff.

So we made the decision and put you on the website for adoption, and the next tough decision came when your new family showed interest in you. We dropped you off at what was to be your new home with tears flowing, knowing if it worked out you have a nice long last chapter to your life.

Well, things worked out and you lived a wonderful life up until this year.

We miss you Bry!