Loyalty - Courage - Intelligence - Character - Strength - Speed - Endurance - Determination - Attentiveness

These are the Border Collies traits.

If you are thinking of owning one of these amazing animals, rest assured you will not be disappointed.

I do suggest you visit the "About the Border Collie link" while thinking about your decision.

Our Borders are bred for temperament and health. All our Borders have strong natural herding instincts.

They can work a farm or  provide years of enjoyment to a family.

Dixie (retired)

Dixie is a tank, very affectionate and loves the frisbee  DOB 07/08

Dixie's Pedigree


Flash Sweet, affectionate boy  Dob December 2012


Finale  ..still a pup, and full of trouble  :)  Dob  March 2015


Snicks DOB Oct 2015


Nika DOB May 2017


Kixie  DOB June 23rd 2021



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